Gold Member Winners

Gold Members are entered into a monthly prize draw to win £50 and contributions go towards the repayment of our floodlights.

Gold Membership Winners:

July 2014: Simon Wycherley - Drawn by Mr Howard Hillier

August 2014: Michael Sloman - Drawn by Mrs Pat Hill

September 2014: Andrew Chetland - Drawn by Mr Stephen Roch

October 2014: Gareth Giles - Drawn by Mr Gregg James

November 2014: Martin Bond - Drawn by Mr Daniel Dawe

December 2014: Greg Churcher - Drawn by Mrs Pat Hill

January 2015: Greg Churcher - Drawn by Mrs Val Peebles

February 2015: Brian Watkins - Drawn by Mr D Beckerley

March 2015: Gareth Giles - Drawn by Mr Lewis James

April 2015: Grayson White - Drawn by Mr Ross Walker

May 2015: Martyn Hopkins - Drawn by Mrs Claire Chetland

June 2015: Martyn Hopkins - Drawn by Mr Kris Kinsey

July 2015: Keiron Kinsey - Drawn by Mr Les Shipp

August 2015: Simon Wycherley - Drawn by Mr Barry Peebles

September 2015: Michael Sloman - Drawn by Mr David Knock

October 2015: B Herne -, ticket number 28394MU6VF

November 2015: Brian Carter -, ticket number 40735W5ZE6

December 2015: Rob Bullock -, ticket number 40736CX2UE

January 2016: Grayson White -

February 2016: Tony James -

March 2016: D John Tommy -

April 2016: Andrew Chetland -

May 2016: K G Lewis -

June 2016: G Carter -

Continued thanks to those who are contributing monthly to the Gold Membership scheme flood light fund, for those wishing to become a Gold Member and contribute, please ask a member of the Committee for further details.