Our History

For many years, the year 1895 featured on the Club badge, long thought to be the year the Club was founded. It was removed a number of years ago after it was discovered that the Club was playing before this date. Brian Watkins has made it his mission to discover more about the Club's history, and has so far been able to trace the Club's history back to 1882.

Here is a selection of the newspaper cuttings which Brian has discovered so far....

Fixtures 1882-1883

10-Dec-1882 Tredegar
15-Dec-1882 Newbridge
17-Dec-1882 Blaina
24-Dec-1882 Talywain
26-Dec-1882 Ferndale
31-Dec-1882 Cwmcarn
09-Jan-1883 Newport Rovers
14-Jan-1883 Aberbeeg
21-Jan-1883 Abertillery
28-Jan-1883 Pontnewenydd
04-Feb-1883 Machen
11-Feb-1883 Abertillery
18-Feb-1883 Tredegar
25-Feb-1883 Ebbw Vale
04-Mar-1883 Machen
11-Mar-1883 Abertillery
18-Mar-1883 Tredegar
25-Mar-1883 Ebbw Vale
04-Apr-1883 Panteg
11-Apr-1883 Machen
18-Apr-1883 Talywain





The interest centred in the Abercarn and Cwmcarn match was very great. Both sides had whipped up their best team. Cwmcarn had the assistance of Bert Maxwell of Crumlin.

The match was not at all interesting!

Cwmcarn were bent on keeping the ball tight which they succeeded in doing, and being heavier in the forwards, had the best of the tight scrums, but in the loose were no match for the home forwards.



Abercarn v Newport Rovers. A match between the above teams was played at Newport, on Saturday, and resulted in a victory for the Rovers, by 3 goals, 3 trys, and several touchdowns, to 1 goal and 1 touchdown. The game was exciting and well contested throughout. The visitors played loosely, but showed exceptionally well at the scrummage. Their opponents dribbled and tackled admirably, and the backs showed capital play.



ABERCARN v. ABERGAVENNY teams met at Abergavenny on Saturday 11 02 1884 a tie will the next round of the challenge cup. Abercarn won by one goal and three touches downs to two touch down by Abergavenny, or by thirteen point, to two, Abercarn will now have to play Newport In the second round. Newport v Abercarn. Feb 16th 1884 at Rodney Parade Newport



WEST –A  Swansea v Llanelli 9th February.

-B Carmarthen v Lampeter, 9th February.

EAST –C Newport v Neath 9th February.

-D Abercarn v Abergavenny, 9th February.


E Winner of A V Winner of B 16th February.

F Winner of C v Winner of D 16th February.


FINAL Cup Tie – Winner of E v Winner of F on `23rd February.



This, the second cup round tie match in the eastern district, was played at Newport on Saturday February 16th 1884. The match took place owing to the unexpected victory of the visitors over Abergavenny last week, this being Abercarn’s first appearance in the cup ties. The game ended in a win for Newport by six goals (one of which ensued from a free kick) six tries, seven touches down, to Abercarn's nil

The following composed the teams :

Newport: A. J Gould, back Dr. Moynan, L. O. Jones, and H. M. Jordan, three- quarter backs T. J. S. Clapp. T. Harding, and F. J. Bennett, half-backs H S. Lyue (captain), T. B. Jones, R. Gould, C. Jordan, F. C. Jones, G. Ll. Jones, H. D. McDaniel, and T, Lewis, forwards.

Abercarn: J. W. Green, back; P. “Owen” and R. W. Joshua, three quarter backs; W. J. Phillips, T. Moore, and S. Bristow, halfbacks; T. Nelson Suthran, H. Griffith, H. C Bushell, W. Leonardo J. Winstone, C. White, and C. Phillips, forwards.

Tries Unknown (x2) Tom Jones (x1) Charles Jordan (x1) RM Moynan (x1) Lloyd Jones (x1) Harry Jordan (x1) Cons Arthur Gould (x5) Pens



Risca v Abercarn- The game being played on the ground of the latter on Saturday, when a very fast, game was won by the former team by 1 try to nil. The home team was minus four of its best backs. The try, for the visitors, was got by O’Donnel just before the call of full time.



Abercarn v Usk – This game was played on the ground of the former on Saturday, and after a fast and pleasant game, resulted in a win for Abercarn by one goal (from a try), 3 try and 4 minor points to nil. The passing of the home team were very good; the forwards, as usual, played well. The following players played for the home team; Back W.Vines; Three quarters backs J.Morgan, J.Griffiths, J.Probert(captain) and D.Richards; half backs G.Williams and J.White; forwards A.Male, B.Male ?.Edwards, E.Davies, F.Stephens,  ?. Williams, ? Burris and ?.Courtney. Umpire Mr. G.Edwards



The annual meeting of the Monmouthshire League was held on Monday, with representatives from Chepstow, Ebbw Vale Wanderers, Pontypool Stars, Maindee, Abertillery, Heart of Oaks, Pontymister Rovers, Abercarn, Risca Stars, Newport Juniors, and Newport 2nd Team.



DEATH ON A FOOTBAL FIELD AT ABERCARN. With reference to the paragraph in Thursdays South Wales Daily News stating that a lad named Smith had died on the football field at Abercarn on the previous day consequent upon being struck in the abdomen by the ball, we have received the following communication from a correspondent signing himself “Nil Desperandum”.

I notice in your paper today (Thursday) an account of a boy dropping dead in a football field at Abercarn. Being on the spot where the event occurred, permit me to contradict the account (with the exception of the death) in icto. The person referred to was a boy about 14 years of age, and was not struck by the ball as stated by your correspondent. He had been running after the ball and thus brought on a kind of fit, from which he died in the course of a quarter of an hour. The doctor who examined him said that the cause of death was excitement  or apopolexy.



Abercarn 2nd v Moutain Ash 2nd. Played at Abercarn on Saturday, resulting in a win for the home team by 1goal, 1 try & 4 minors to one minor.


1890 onwards



FOOTBALL. Todays matches, Cardiff v Moseley, Gloucester v Rugby, Abercarn v Cogan……



LOCAL FIXTURES  Abercarn - Abercarn 2nds v Newbridge 2nds, Aberavon – Aberavon v Swansea Harlequins…………..



Abercarn 2nds v Brynmawr Juniors- Played at Abercarn resulted in a win for the home team by 1 goal, 1 minor to 1 goal(dropped)

Abercarn v Brynmawr was played at Brynmawr, in semi-darkness. The visitors, in the course of ten minutes scored four tries, which, however were not allowed by the referee, who was, however, a Brynmawr man, and as a consequence, the visitors left the ground.



Games for tomorrow:- At Pontnewynydd, Abercarn v Black Watch,…….



With the match against Cwmcarn on April 23rd, the season of the above club was  be brought to a close. The record for the season is a very good one, and one which no club need e ashamed of. The team commenced well but towards the close on the loose. Cwmcarn had the assistance of Maxwell, of Crumlin. At first the season their play lacked the style and finish that characterised the opening of the season, and hence their record is not as good as it might have been. The team is, and always has been an unlucky one, no less than six of the best players having, this season, been injured, and, naturally, the team has been weakened thereby.



Abercarn 2nds v Newport Blue Stars. The above match took place on the marches at Newport, on Saturday, and ended with a victory, for the visitors by 1 drop goal and 4 minors to 4 minors.   



CHARITY CUP TIE – ABERCARN v CWMCARN. Great interest was evinced in the match which took place at Abercarn on Saturday last. The game was most composed of scrummages and Cwmcarn kept the ball vary close. Nothing was scored to within 5 minutes of time. Abercarn scored a minor, which decided the match. The Cwmcarn forwards rushed their opponents in the scrums, but were no equal to them in the loose. Cwmcarn had the assistance of Maxwell, of Crumlin. At the close of the match, Prosser, the Abercarn captain, was presented with the cup by Dr. F.J.Davies. Directly after the presentations the spectators shouldered Prosser from the field right up to High Street and tremendous excitement prevailed, this being the first cup they have succeeded in winning, though they have been near several times. In the evening an entertainment was held in The Bush Hotel, when success was drunk to The Abercarn Football Club by about a hundred friends.



ABERCARN SWEETS AND BITTER. Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah. Cheers again and again, in good old English fashion. How the bills resound. What tremblings came over those poor mortals whose nerves could not stand such a “how-d’-ye-do.” Class me with ‘em. I was quite alarmed. My pulse began to have a bit of fun to itself. What could be the meaning of it? It was the evening of last Saturday. I met them coming pel mel. I thought to myself there must be something of most unusual interest on the boards. Here they are! Hark! Good old ABERCARN. “Abercarn for ever! Oh Abercarn, you are! Well, What the  ****? Who the

****? I stopped a friend of mine , as he was hurrying by, with eyes ablazing and enquired? Whats on? Whets the cause of all this rattle? Abercarn has won, said he. Won what? He abruptly turned red and asked me full in the face and never shall I forget the look of scorn be cast upon me. Ai he screeched. Do you mean to tell me that you don’t know that Abercarn has been playing against Cwmcarn to-day in the cup? And when I was compelled to admit in a very humble manner, and when he replied with a very shakey voice that I was in ignorance of of the great event, and mildly enquired “Was in football?”- it took four to hold him. I might say here, as a kind of stage aside. I saw my friend again, later in

This match was the most keenly contested ever played on the Abercarn ground, the deciding point not being  scored until five minutes from full time. The state of the ground was very much against the homesters, therefore combined to play open game was verty much out of the running. The home team did well, Mainwaring was a fairly safe full back. Of the three quarters, Jack Games was far and away the best three quarter on the field, his tackling being very deadly and he prevented Maxwell getting in on his big kicks. His kicking too notwithstanding the greasy, heavy ball, was fine. Evans also did very well, his screw kicking being a feature of the game. The wingmen had little to do, and did it well. What more can you wish? Probert and Llewellyn played finely behind a beaten pack, their saving being all that could be desired. Of the forwards, Green was the best, and worked untiringly all through. Jones, Brace and Prosser worked hard in the scrum, as did Edwards, who is a good little ‘un. Lewis and J.Davies dribbled, and followed up well, but did not work too hard in the scrum, which is to be regretted with their weight. Coming to Cwmcarn players who worked like Trojans, Wilton Cullis, Lewis and Butcher being the best. Syrett did a lot of defensive work, Wilton and Payner were the best of the others, and saved grandly, but the latter must control his temper when tackled.   



A strange occurrence on the list of fixtures occurred today:-

At Blaina – Blaina v Abercarn

At Blackwood - Abercarn Harlequins v Blackwood A

At Abercarn – Ebbw Vale Harriers v Abercarn A


The village of Abercarn was to produce these three teams but was it from one club? Other Abercarn teams were mentioned at an earlier date, they being Abercarn Juniors and Abercarn AHS. Very little is known about the composition of all these teams except Abercarn Juniors was a team of 16 to 18 year olds, a forerunner of The Youth organisation, organised by club secretary Jack Games. Obviously, Abercarn 2nd XV was a second side run by the club.



Abercarn v Crumlin. A disagreement.

At an extraordinary general meeting of The Abercarn Football Club, held at The Bush Hotel, Abercarn and Crumlin 1st XV was debated.     The Chairman explained the secretary of calling the committee together when at Crumlin, which arose out of the fact that the 2nd XV of Crumlin did not intend carrying out their fixture with Abercarn 2nd XV the same day. Although the Abercarn team and spectators were awaiting their arrival at Abercarn. Owing to this breach of faith without any attempt, of notifying there of the Abercarn team was justified in abandoning their fixture with Crumlin and the Abercarn committee feel very strongly Crumlin 1st XV.

On the following motion being put to the meeting it was carried unanimously, That the action of this committee be approved. It was afterwards decided, without dissention that all fixtures with Crumlin 1st and 2nd teams be cancelled. This is to be regretted from many points of view, and the Abercarn committee feel very strongly the slight to the second string.



Abercarn Football Club. The annual general meeting of the above club was held on Saturday

At The Bush Hotel.  The hon sec MR. W.E.Beacham. submitted the statement of accounts for the season 1892-93 which was passed as satisfactory.

Election of officers:-President, Mr. D.W.James, vice-presidents, Messrs W.Jones, R.Simpson, G.H.Nurse, Dr. W.E. James, R.Snape, A.E.H.Benson, F.J.Matthews, Alderman G.W.Jones, and Councillor Howe; captain 1st XV Mr. J.Games, vice captain Mr. J.W.Jones, captain 2nd XV Mr.A.Benjamin, vice captain Mr. J.Endicott;



Abercarn v Aberaman.

Played at Aberaman, Abercarn kicked off. The ball was soon returned by the Aberaman and a scrum followed. Aberaman gained possession, and B.Temple made a grand run of about 50 yards, but was collard near the touchline. Another scrum was formed and in the rush following K.Lewis, of Aberaman, was inches. Several scrumages were formed in which Aberaman showed superiority. Half time arrived no score. W.Warlow started the second half for Aberaman and a flow of exhibition passing was shown by them in which they gained an enormous amount of ground. Abercarn now showed a bit of skill, but missed scoring and A.Barrowman had to concede a minor.



                        G    T    M

ABERAMAN……………………………..    0    0    0

ABERCARN……………………………….    0    0    0

These two teams were both undefeated this season, therefore great interest was taken in this match. Of the Aberaman team the pick were the whole pack of forwards who worked very hard. Willets, the full back deserved great praise for his safe play. Edwards at half played in grand style. The Abercarn teams were dreadfully off side throughout, they infringed continually. Aberaman were a much lighter team, but were far superior to Abercarn in all points of the game. Aberaman had two of their men hurt, therefore they were a little weak towards the end of the game.



ABERCARNE v TYDEE – Played at Abercarne in the presence of a large number of spectators, and resulted as follows:- Abercarne , two tries, both disputed; Tydee Wanderers 2 touch downs.



At the annual general meeting of the Abercarn Football Club, the secretary read a statement of accounts, which showed a slight deficit in last years working. As they have a good list of fixtures for next season, the committee are sanguine of having a balance in lieu at the next season. The following officers were elected:- Captain, F.Simmonds, Vice Captain, F.Jones, treasurer A.Russel, secretary C. Alford, The following is a list of fixtures arranged:-

1997 Sept 18     Blackwood    H

1998  Jan 22        Cwmcarn        A

  “      “etc



FOOTBALL. WELSH FOOTBALL UNION REFEREE’S SOCIETY. The following referees have been appointed to officiate in the undermentioned matches to be played on Saturday

March 26th on the grounds first mentioned. Aberavon v Morriston,- E.Emery ( Bridgend), Abercarn v Crumlin – W.L.Morris (Blaina)………..etc



The Annual General Meeting of Abercarn Football Club was held at The New Inn, under the presidency of Mr. John Games W.R.F.U., who mentioned the weakness of the team by the migration of its two halves to Halifax. The following officers were elected for the ensuing season:- Captain 1st Wyndham Russel, captain 2nds William Davies, treasurer A. Russel, secretaries, W.E.Games and T.Games. A deputation was appointed to await on Mr. G.H.Nurse in reference to the field



Abercarn teams to face Brynmawr counterparts

1st XV at Brynmawr. Back W.Ford, three-quarter back, W.Russel, W.Evans, J.Perry and W.Taylor. Half backs, E.H.Davey and G.Evans. Forwards, J.Perkins (captain), W.Owen, P.Jones, T.Phillips, T.Rogers, S.Davies, J.Hyde and T.Dades.

2nd XV at Abercarn. Back W.Coles, Three quarter backs, W.E.Davies(captain), Nat Salvage, Luther Llewellyn and J.Fisher, half backs J.James ad W.Davies, forwards W.H.Prosser, W.Maisey, W.Powell, S.Tetly, T.Parnell, J.Marsh, G.R.Eatwell and J.Price.



MONMOUTHSHIRE LEAGUE TRIAL MATCH. Arranged with the intension of securing a guidance in the selection of a league team to meet Newport, was played at Blaina on Monday under the auspices of The Monmouthshire League. The teams turned out as follows:- REDS: Full Back, D.Boots( Crumlin), three-quarter backs G.Morgan (Brynmawr) D.J.Jones (Blaina), Wallis James (Crumlin), and ?Parfitt (Abertillery). Half backs Edwards and Law (Blaina). Forwards Foley (Brynmawr) T.Roberts, A.Roberts and ?Evans( Abercarn),

J.Sewtell,  and Marsh(Cwmbran), T.Rogers (Cwmcarn) ?Perfitt (Abertillery)




So far, the Monmouthshire Rugby League’s programme for the coming season show that 11 clubs have up to the present entered the competition, a similar number to last year. There is however one change. Abercarn, who collapsed in the middle of last season, do not appear but the Pill Harriers have this year thrown in their interest in the competition. The other clubs Cwmbran(last seasons champions), Crumlin(the seasons silver medalists) Abertillery, Blaina, Brynmawr, Cwmcarn, Pontnewydd, Pontymister, Risca and Tredegar have re- entered. Matches have been arranged with Newport at The Tredegar Park Ground.